About Us


Tana means warp, and Bana means weft (the threads that make fabric) in the Indian language Hindi.


Shreenie and Suzie chose this name to express their love of textiles when they formed Tana Bana. Both come from a background in woven design.

Sophie,  a talented printmaker is the newest addition to our New Jersey team.

Tana Bana represents a diverse group of artists,
including over a dozen full time staff artists at our office in India, where we hire talented local fine artists, and train them in surface design.

  • Our Design team develops & introduces new patterns on a regular basis and provides custom pattern development with short lead times with no obligation to buy
  • We introduce about 125-150 patterns every month
  • Our Support team provides quick delivery of files ready for product development
  • Our Sales team travels to customer’s offices on regular/ frequent intervals

Our Team in India